Discreet and exclusive to sales success

Secret Sale Immobilien: Sell your property at the best price - discreetly and without public marketing.

Advertising a property via a well-known portal such as Immobilienscout24.de or newspaper advertisements reaches an abundance of people in one fell swoop. The more detailed the advertisement is written, the more precisely interested parties will respond. High-quality pictures, an appealing floor plan, location, furnishings and price decide whether someone will come forward for a viewing or even stand at the garden fence without being asked.

However, some owners are put off by this approach. Searching for a buyer under committee of the public is more comfortable for the following reasons:

The neighbours do not find out that the property is being sold
The public remains in the dark about the actual sale price. Conclusions about the sellers' assets are not possible.
A Secret Sale provides security: only verified and known prospective buyers receive information about the property. We make no exceptions here.

How do we reach potential buyers?

We go on a targeted search to find suitable buyers for your property and approach them personally. First, we look into our structured pool of existing clients. Many have already explicitly expressed a desire for new properties, so we can precisely match demand with supply.

If no suitable property is found among our existing clients, we fall back on our broad network of partners. Here, too, we attach great importance to discretion.

Above-average sales prices with the Real Estate Crew

Targeting selected prospective buyers often leads to above-average sales prices, "Lieberhaberpreise" as they say in the industry. With personal communication and sensitivity, we work out a smooth and stress-free sales process for you.

Whether it's a city villa in Munich, a loft on Stuttgart's Killesberg or a detached house in the Rems-Murr district - we successfully broker your property in private. We look forward to hearing from you!

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